Get Fit with Tarsha
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Get Fit with Tarsha Health & Fitness Competition was created as a way to promote healthy lifestyles naturally.  No growth hormones. No diuretics. No steroids. Just natural, clean, and healthy living.

Get Fit with Tarsha will host it's first natural health and fitness competition called KATY-TOWN SHOWDOWN in Katy,TX summer 2015.  For men and women.

And no it's not your traditional bodybuilding competition or bikini competition with super ripped semi-artificial bodies.  Get Fit with Tarsha competitions are targeting the main stream fit body.  So ladies...NO bikinis and men....NO trunks.  Competition suits will be workout gear. 

There are 5 categories of the competition.  Following are the categories:

  • Athlete - very muscular; must have hard, muscular abs; lots of muscle definition. Look fit and strong. 
  • Sculpted - very lean/toned;  beach body, bikini type, some muscle definition, look fit and healthy. 
  • Fat to Fit - a before and after situation - like biggest loser
  • Fit & Healthy - had previous medical issues but no longer has them due to living healthier and losing body fat.
  • New Fit Moms - recently had a baby and lost body fat, tightened & toned up after giving birth due to exercise, nutrition, and living a healthy lifestyle

To register and to find out more information about the categories and the upcoming health & fitness competitions, call or text Tarsha Jackson at 832.208.1378 OR email:


Tarsha Jackson getting posing tips from World known IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Chris Cormier in Los Angeles, California